The Features of Google to Ease Your Daily Tasks


We use Google daily to search for specific products, contact details, services, movies, music, and people. Many people regard Google as an encyclopedia or university as Google answers every question that you search. But not many people know that Google is much more than a search engine or an email provider. Scroll further down below for a list of features that Google provides to ease your daily task.



The Features of Google that You Must not Neglect


Google Drive

Keeping your files, images, and music is becoming more and more challenging. Carrying your hard disk or pen drive everywhere you go is impractical. Moreover, it is a must to have a backup of all your data as security. There is no better storage than Google Drive. Being an online storage platform, you can access your files from anywhere and from any device. You simply have to log in to your account. To pamper you, Google Drive offers fifteen gigabytes of free storage.

Stop Losing Your Way

It is difficult to find your way when you are in a remote location. Traditional maps are confusing to read as they do not include recent updates. Asking people for directions is even more strenuous. Ease your travel with Google Maps. All you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone and type your destination. Do not worry about internet connection as you can download the map for a specific area or country for offline usage. The best feature of Google Map is that it includes every corner of the world.

Increase Teamwork Productivity

Working on offline software and having to share your files via email with your team, again and again, is time-consuming. Do you know that Google offers you services like Docs, Sheets, and Slides? These three apps are similar to MS Office. Google Docs is the Word Version, Sheets is the Excel Version, and Slides is the Powerpoint version and they are entirely free to use. Moreover, you can easily share them with your team or even use the same app, simultaneously increasing productivity.