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KeepNI Pro Vs. KeepNI Standard

KeepNI Standard edition
KeepNI Standard edition provide website monitoring and link checking for web sites up to 300 pages. KeepNI Std. is a software package for small medume web sites up to 300 pages. Its monitoring servises are limited to two web site at the same time, and it's broken link checker can scan only 300 pages.
For more details see the following comparison table.

KeepNI Professional edition
KeepNI Professional edition provide website monitoring and link checking for big and huge web sites. The link checking is not limited and has been checked for web sites up to 750,000 pages. KeepNI Pro has extensive monitoring services, It's major advantage is the transaction monitoring capabilities and transaction auto record. KeepNI Pro is not limited as for the number of web sites it can simultaneously monitor. (The actual limit depend on the performance of the computer)
For more details see the following comparison table.

Monitoring Featurs KeepNI Std KeepNI Pro
HTTP (web page) Yes Yes
Ping Yes Yes
DNS (Name server) Yes Yes
POP (Incoming mail) Yes Yes
SMTP (Outgoing mail) Yes Yes
FTP (File transfer) Yes Yes
HTTP Transaction No Yes
SMTP/POP Transaction No Yes
Number of monitored hosts 2 Not Limited

Broken link Checker KeepNI Std KeepNI Pro
Number of pages that can scan 300 750,000+

Alert Features KeepNI Std KeepNI Pro
Pop up box Yes Yes
Vocal alert Yes Yes
e-mail message Yes Yes
Fax alert Yes Yes
Vocal alert by phone Yes Yes
URL alert Yes Yes
Run user alert program Yes Yes
Alert by SMS Yes Yes

General features KeepNI Std KeepNI Pro
Run as Windows application Yes Yes
Run as Windows NT Service No Yes

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